In today’s highly competitive business landscape, it is not enough have a great looking website that is not maintained over time. Web development is the process of keeping a website or a network of websites up to date with the latest industry standards and coding schematics. Proper web development will help a webmaster retain and build on search engine optimization efforts as well as provide more leverage for a website to be included in high ranking directories. Websites with proper web development can expect to have a higher Google PageRank and pass muster with a number of other Internet watchdog agencies and search engines. Here are some of the things that you should look for in a marketing partner when you need web development for your website. – First of all, good web development starts with great coding. As a webmaster, you should always look for your website landing page to load in less than seven seconds. If you have a great deal of multimedia that you simply have to have on your landing page, 10 seconds is the absolute maximum.

This is usually only the case for B2B websites that are focused on delivering information to technical specialists within an industry. Even then, a quicker website means a higher rate of conversion and higher search engine rankings, so there is no downside to cutting down the code. Put simply, less lines of code means less time loading for a website. The more quickly that a website loads, the higher that the major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing will rank it. The higher that a website is ranked, the better chance it has for high visibility and a high conversion rate. – Secondly, good web development will give a website a unique look that cannot be copied.

There are plenty of free WordPress templates that can be used to create a website in under five minutes. Making use of these assets may be appropriate for a startup with no budget that is looking to test different marketing strategies on temporary websites. It is definitely not appropriate web development for a business with a brand that is looking to maintain and build that brand in the online market. For serious business, web development means an aesthetically pleasing website. In the era of mobile commerce, the website is the first impression that a business gives you a customer.

If a website is not great looking as well as optimize for the viewing screen, it will likely be the last impression that business gives to that customer. Great web development ensures that a website is fully responsive and puts forth the correct message on all platforms. For instance, text should be bigger and colors should be incorporated with a higher contrast on the mobile platforms in order to counteract volatile environmental conditions that may surround the viewing environment of a mobile consumer. Third, good web development means maintenance and keeping up with industry standards. Most of the new business on the Internet is done through the major search engines.

When Google changes a schematic, the world has to listen. Good web development being able to stay ahead of the changes that Google announces as well is the changes that it does not. The major search engines are under no obligation to tell anyone in the business community when it changes its search engine algorithms. However, they do the business community the courtesy of sometimes quite vague announcements about your changes that will be made to their search engine ranking system. They never give away their entire thought process; it is up to the web development specialist to interpret the announcements that the major search engines make based on their past behavior and the effect on the marketplace. There are also industry standards when it comes to coding and indexing a website.

Good web development make sure that the website keeps up with the organizational process that directories and search engines are looking for. This will ensure that a website is indexed properly within these distribution platforms. Being indexed properly can only help the conversion rate of a website, as it will be listed under relevant topics and keywords instead of being shown to customers who have no inkling to make a purchase from that type of a company.

Web design in the modern business landscape means much more than having an attractive website. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of free templates that anyone can pick up if having an attractive website is the only objective. However, companies that use free templates usually do not have the ability to truly incorporate themselves into the framework of the online business community. They will never achieve a high, page one Google search engine ranking.

They will never be able to use their website for large amounts of e-commerce. Top-ranked directories will often pass them over without even considering their website for inclusion. If you are looking to truly create a brand for yourself online, you will most likely need a bit of help in the web design department. Here are some of the aspects of web design that your marketing partner should be looking at very closely. – First of all, is the website design fully optimized for the major search engines? Google, Yahoo and Bing control the overwhelming majority of business traffic on the Internet. According to Forbes, if a website is not included on the first three pages of a relevant keyword within one of these three search engines, it may as well not even exist on the Internet. In order to be included on the major search engines, web design must be optimized, not just aesthetically pleasing. There are many aspects of web design that go into creating a fully optimized website.

The first of these criteria is to make sure that the website is organized internally. Dead links and links to irrelevant pages need to be destroyed. The website also needs to completely dissociate itself from any websites that have come under fire from Google program such as Penguin or Panda.

Google itself has a Disavow program that allows webmasters to complete this process more readily; however, it does require some time to implement. In order to be correctly implemented, it should be done by a web marketing partner rather than by an in-house staff. Another aspect of website optimization has to do with the organization of the content itself. If the content on the website is not correctly considered under a relevant topic by the web crawlers of the major search engines, a website can easily be misinterpreted. Although the writing and the multimedia on a website may be perfectly fine for a human audience, this does not mean that it is proper for the major search engines.

A good web partner will make sure that all of the meta tags on multimedia are correct. A good web partner will also ensure that the content of each page is related without being similar. This will allow a webmaster to segment ads for each page of the website rather than having to direct all traffic to the so-called “front landing page,” a strategy that can backfire in many cases. – Second of all, does the website look great? A website needs to be fully optimized for the major search engines, to be sure. However, the major search engines all take the behavior of human visitors of a website into account. In short, if the people who visit your website do not stay long, your website will not be ranked very highly in Google, Yahoo or Bing. The major search engines also have the ability to siphon through reviews on outside websites as Yelp or Amazon.

The web crawlers are even savvy enough to determine the type of complaint that is made in a negative review. This means that your website needs to look good and be streamlined in the eyes of a human being. Very few web design partners have the ability to create a fully unique website without referring to a template package. However, this is the type of web design partner that you must find. If you use a template design, then you risk copying the design of another business that is in your industry. This not only looks bad in the eyes of the major search engines, but it can also legitimately confuse human visitors as well. If you are looking to build your brand online, then you need a completely unique look that can be easily associated with your products and company.

Finding a web design partner that can create an aesthetically pleasing and fully optimized website is difficult, but it can be done. Take a look at the previous work of the people that you are vetting and do not be afraid to ask questions.