Online Presence Analysis

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A powerful and robust online presence is critical to keeping a healthy flow of qualified customers coming to a business or organization. With the myriad of marketing channels, social media sites, content portals and other online destinations, it can be difficult to determine the real status of a company’s online presence. A complete online presence audit will give business owners a clear snapshot of where they stand, and a plan to improve in areas that can be optimized.Determine Key Metrics

Before online visibility goals can be set, the business should identify the key metrics that will determine success. Metrics might be in the form of:

-Conversion rate
-Click-through rate
-Time spent on-site
-Bounce rate
-Cart abandonment rate
-Sales per customer
-Amount of sale per customer
-Monthly sales

Which key metrics to focus on depends on the industry, type of business, local market and individual business goals.

Customer Funnel

It is instructive to examine the steps customers take from the time they begin researching a product or service to the point of purchase. Businesses can see what keywords clients use to find specific products, where they enter a website, how long they spend onsite, what videos they watch, and other online behaviors. This information will help find opportunities and flaws in website navigation and content clarity.Off-Site Optimization

A complete off-site analysis will look at the presence of a firm’s brand in social media, content sites, niche-specific sites and industry destinations. A lack of presence in high-profile locations around the web can severely impact the flow of highly-qualified customers to a business website. Social media continues to grow in importance in online marketing, especially with the unprecedented rise of smart phones and mobile devices. A comprehensive online marketing audit will reveal shortfalls and recommend ways to increase presence and authority around the web.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is the practice of profiling the quality of leads depending on their potential conversion and amount of sale. It includes tracking visitors, examining which ones are looking at several pieces of content on the site, and who comes back several times. With this information, business owners can adjust content and calls to action to better meet their needs. Proper lead scoring and follow through will make the process of conversion more efficient and effective.

Observe Customer Behavior

A complete web presence survey includes examining the keywords utilized for search engine optimization, the structure of the website, social media presence and a look at competitor positioning. In today’s marketing environment, expanding and improving online visibility and presence is a must.

Companies should observe where their customers spend time online, how they find out about the firm’s products and services and where they enter the marketing funnel. Each of these touch points should be maximized to help the customer clearly understand the company’s brand and value proposition. Evaluating how the firm is seen by the customer online will assist them in determining pinpoint areas that can be better utilized, and put in place a plan to optimize the effectiveness of their entire online marketing effort.

Consistent Analysis

Website presence analysis should be updated on a regular basis, ideally every six months. Online marketing is a fast-moving environment. Google is constantly updating their algorithms to fine tune their search results. It takes diligent, consistent effort to monitor and evaluate ongoing metrics to make sure that company goals are being met and optimized.

Top-of-Mind Awareness

Several large social media sites of a few years ago are no longer in favor. Many of today’s Internet giants are already showing signs of diminished market share. This means that online marketers need to be aggressive in staying on top of changes and developments in the field in order to maximize the “top-of-mind awareness” of their brand with their core customer base.

Constant analysis and assessment of customer behavior, along with the employment of high-level website monitoring tools allows businesses to better serve their clients and maximize profit potential. A thorough online marketing presence analysis reveals where companies are successfully employing these methods, and helps them determine where they can make improvements.

Value Proposition

Online presence analysis is more than studying web metric charts. It is the process of reflecting on how business owners want their company to be perceived, the values they want to communicate and the unique selling proposition they offer their target market. Once these overall goals are carefully considered, it is simply a matter of implementation and consistent follow-up. Modern online marketing provides more data analysis tools than companies have ever had available. Using them with wisdom and insight will allow any company or organization to improve their digital footprint.