Managing your company’s reputation and brand is no longer a question of defining its relevance in your market through conventional outbound marketing and advertising strategies. It’s not a question of waiting for customers to call and complain, and or taking a more laid back approach to managing your company’s brand by only responding to customer issues when they arise. Instead, it’s about leveraging positive customer feedback and managing your brand and reputation with a focus on today’s constantly mobile customer base. When thinking about the reputation management strategies of the past, think about how companies used to try and dictate that brand by controlling the message. If a complaint was to be made, a customer had to call, wait on the phone, and then hope they might have the chance to speak with someone who might take them seriously. More often than not, the customer abandoned pursuit. Managing Your Reputation in Our Mobile World Today’s customer won’t wait for your company to answer their call.

They won’t wait for you to respond to their complaint or even wait for you to get back them by email. They’ll forego that hassle and will immediately jump online and share their displeasure with friends and family members on social media, blogs, websites and forums. In fact, they’ll make their voices heard in real-time, forever changing how other customers come to see your company’s brand and reputation. Our focus is to help you better manage your company’s reputation by simplifying how you engage customers, interact with them, leverage their positive feedback and most importantly, how you protect your brand by resolving ongoing customer issues. It’s a simple approach but one not easily adopted by most companies. In fact, most aren’t even aware of the importance of managing their online reputation. So, what is it about our approach that helps to differentiate how we help our customers manage their reputation online? • Identifying Your Customer Targets: Identifying your target audience is critical to understanding how, when, why and where your customers express their opinions and views online. We help you define your target audience in a way that simplifies how you engage and resolve problems. However, it’s not merely about damage control. It’s also about taking advantage of those customers who are truly satisfied and have something extremely positive to say about your company’s offering.

Word-of-mouth still has its place in today’s economy. The only exception is that it’s all done online now. First, understand where your customers get together online and how they express their likes and dislikes, and second, put a proactive strategy together that responds to them and cultivates relationships in real-time.

Engaging Customers on Social Media: Not all customers are the same and not all social media platforms are the same. Some, like Facebook, cater to consumers, while others, like LinkedIn, cater to the business professional. It’s not enough just to identify your target audience. In order to properly manage your company’s online reputation, you have to go a step further and engage your customers on the social media sites they’re most likely to go to when confronted with an issue, need relevant information or simply want to let everyone know just how satisfied they are with their most recent purchase. • Managing Your Search Engine Results Page (SERP): We help our customers take a more realistic and proactive stance towards their SERPs. We show them the impact of a customer complaint online and how it can be so easily found by other customers. Instead of allowing it to happen, we help companies identify the source of the complaint and address it in order to remove it as a going concern. One of the simplest ways to see where your company comes up online is to use “dishonest”, “fraud”, “unsatisfied” and or “scam” beside your company name in online searches. What comes up will tell you what you need to focus on addressing.

Provide a Complete Solution: Not only do we help you better manage your reputation, but we focus on simple strategies that help you incorporate what you’ve learned about your company’s brandback into the most important portions of your online message. That involves creating engaging content, videos and podcasts that continually feed your market with time-critical information about new product introductions, new press releases and new company-wide initiatives. Your customers have the ability to transform and change your reputation in real-time. They are mobile, always on the go and always ready to express themselves. When they want to voice their satisfaction or displeasure, then they’ll do it right away and that will always have a direct impact on your company’s online reputation management. Work with us and we’ll show you how to remove customer issues as going concerns, while helping you to leverage the positive feedback coming from your most loyal customers.