One of the most opportune places to make or break a brand’s reputation is their digital presence. Creating quality content that is relevant to breaking news, media coverage, and social media about the brand is absolutely critical to a brand’s long term success.

Quality Content Marketing at Affordable Prices

Although managing customer relationships with content marketing has been around for years, it is becoming increasingly important to feed the positive public image of the brand online. With the right RM content marketing in place, a user will see Google organic listings at the top of the search engine results with the right message to potentially build a positive relationship with that audience. As search and social media continue to move closer to needing real-time management, it is important to maintain a consistent process in addressing customer experiences.

However, the big question is how does a brand manage their reputation economically without appearing overbearing? One answer may just be that it has to involve quality content marketing. Posting and linking to content on social sites with relevant keywords will attract an audience that feels they can relate to the brand. That audience should feel like their concerns are being addressed. As the content is shared socially, Google may begin ranking pages higher to improve visibility.

Social Media Content Marketing

Content marketing via social media sites can help a brand stay on top user trends and manage reputation quickly. Updating and posting news on social media sites isn’t the only form of content creation – although it is definitely important. Another way to create content is by analyzing what people are searching and hearing about in Google, Twitter and Facebook while addressing these questions, comments, and concerns on the brand’s website. Content that is searchable and indexable by the search engine spiders on the brand’s website is simply irreplaceable since users are relying more and more on searching for reviews in Google.

The Process of Content Marketing

This process of content marketing only involves two simple steps – having quality content created which is based on what people are searching for and making it crawlable to the search engines. For example, a national coffee chain in Seattle began seeing an influx of negative comments about the price of their coffee compared to some less expensive local coffee shops in their social spaces. Seeing this, the brand responded by addressing public Facebook comments, sending private Twitter responses, posting additional coupons and promotions and creating content based on keywords like: “Seattle coffee reviews,” “Seattle coffee coupons,” and “Seattle coffee quality.” By emphasizing the quality of coffee and service in-store, the reputation of the brand was better positioned to be seen as more favorable to current and prospective customers.

With both the micro relationships being built from the individual comment responses and the macro relationships from content marketing – this is how a brand can thrive in the digital space. The aim is to be ranking in top positions organically for important keyword terms involving the reputation of the brand. Showing up in position #1 on Google can help swing public perception in a more favorable direction.