Public Relations

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Public relations is a field which has been around since the early 20th century. Since then, the people in public relations fields have ever changing roles. This is because of all the technological advances and other workplace needs.

Someone who works in public relations basically keeps a positive opinion about the company. They try to have positive outlook on the company among a “public.” When one is thinking about public relations, a “public” means any target audience that the company is trying to reach out to. Examples of “public” could be: clients, students, mothers, etc. This field also now includes a subset referred to as reputation management.

Many companies have more than one “public.” Therefore, to be successful in public relations, one has to be able to use publicity in order to communicate concerns to the company’s publics.

One of a public relations worker’s biggest duties is to draft press releases. The press releases are then sent to places in the media where the target audience will see them. Press releases are used as a form of free publicity for a company. Newspapers and other forms of media are always in search of a human interest story. Writing a positive story about a company can help them achieve this goal.

Creating a press kit is essential for a public relations professional. They may need this to send to a journalist after faxing out the press release. Included in these press kits are usually:


  • Quick facts about the company
  • The history of the company
  • Product descriptions and maybe samples


A person who works in public relations does not make viral videos,produce video content or just fax out press releases. They do so much more. These professionals will do a lot of work for the company that they work for. Public Relations are the people who plan volunteer events in the community that the company sponsors. They will also go on television to answer difficult questions about the company. In a lot of cases, public relations are the face of the company to the public. The public will probably see the public relations professional more than they would see a CEO.

Businesses are not the only people who utilize the services of a public relations professional. Governments take advantage of public relations as well. Public diplomacy is another part of public relations. Public diplomacy is basically showing other nations, enemies or allies, good things about the nation that the public relations professional works for. This is generally the country that they live in.

Public relations professionals are responsible for these duties and so much more. Having a public relations professional is almost essential for businesses today. An active public relations department can help the company gain business or investors. They do this by making the company look wonderful even when the bad things happen.